The buying motives in Bangladesh

In the 3rd world nations like Bangladesh, it is easier to get into the market opportunity mainly because here the people have money, now they just need quality of product, safety of product and quality of treatment. The quality of product implies that they are getting the value compare to their hard-earned money, sometimes that is their last resort to buy the desired products, and if they misbuy, they will have no extra money to fulfill the desired need. On the other hand, the safety of product is the another issue to solve the need of the product. Many of times, especially buying the food items, poisonous & hazardous chemicles are used to process the food items like carbide, formaline, etc., the buyer are not safe at all. The last point is to be acquiring the quality of treatment. The buyer are scared to get into the shop or shopping mall for not being harrassed by the shopper or owner of the shopping mall.

In view of the above, it is much more easier if you just ensure the value proposition to the customer in line the the customer pain & proplem relating to justify the need of the quality of product, safety of product and quality of treatment. and finally buyer will get out to see you for buying your products.

The next to think of the selling methodology & porcess, and that is the second concern.

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