The historical evolution of the sales process & methodology in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, the fastest growing economy in the South East Asia region, is mainly flourishing its economy based on agriculture, & its largest contribution is in the RMGs (Ready Made Garments) in the last few decades. Albeit, its industrialization trend has been inherited from the erstwhile East Pakistan back in 1947 just after having got liberated from the British colonial regime, the industrialization process at East Pakistan period of rule especially in the heavy industry, was at the good momentum compare to the British colonial regime which had been inherited to the new born Bangladesh back in 1971.

At the very outset of the economic & industrial foot-step of Bangladesh, it was all the industries established by the East Pakistan Govt., very meagerly contribution in this sector was seemingly visible due to centralization industrial policy and its sequential outcomes of dishonest practices by the Govt. of Bangladesh in the banner of autonomous corporations like BCIC, & the rest others. Along with this, the private sector in the industrialization process was not much telling to the efforts to keep pace with. The last decade of the twentieth century, the most of the Govt. launched heavy industrial sectors under the banner of BCIC, & others, had been laid off, to the flourishing at the new horizon of the public & private sectors of the industrialization in Bangladesh, but not so much efforts in the heavy industry at the very outset.

As the impetus of industrialization had been got highly in private & public ltd. Companies just after the decentralization policies of Bangaldesh Govt. in last decade of the last century, the sales process & methodologies were nearly same in all industries of its kind through the distribution channels compare to the other parts of the industrial countries.

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