The Cold Calling & Sales Call In The Social-Cultural Perspective of Bangladesh

The cold calling is overlooked due to some negligent factors either may be physical or psychological or both in that the Sales Reps feel it’s monotonous & rejection in the phobia stages. However, there are no other alternatives except the cold calling in the final sales call in the perspective of the socio-cultural aspects of Bangladesh which are ignored many of the times. It’s imperative to think of the motivational demands of the Sales Reps who are considered to be the front wheel of the entire sales vehicles of a company that are operating in Bangladesh. Nevertheless, it’s to be well-thought-out & work out of the array of the motivational determinants which are dominating factors to the ultimate survival of the firm & not to be ignoring.

To my mind, the motivational drives of the Sales Reps must be sort out so as to make it super-race-runner having got out of the sales teams tend them to the cold calling at the time of sales calls that will bring out the long term ultimate success of the sales team. The one point considering demand of a Sales Reps is the final considerations to be focal point we must term it the CAREER GOALs in favor of him or her to be well fixed-up.


–Md. Asadul Islam, Manager (Sales Training), PRAN-RFL Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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