Social leadership techniques are the key to a effective sales technique

People buy from those whom they like best is the core to sell-buy relationship. Actually, the buyers buy at the same times they exchange their best of loving with the seller. The buyer feels the best of their love to exchange with at the same times simultaneously they purchase from seller; otherwise it will be impossible for the buyer to surrender their money in exchange of their product. So the seller must have the influential power in terms of the power of proximity, the leadership attitude in the context of social well being, the love & affectionate bondage to the ultimately solutions of the family needs as well. Here the persuasiveness is the core to be the successful seller to earn the influence over the seller. That means the seller must endure the formula to influence the seller by the means of the power of the social love & intermingling as a social being to fulfill the need of love of a buyer. The common theory is to exert the means of trust, admire & being believed of caring from the buyer point of view. It’s imperative for the seller to make a strong power of presence to proximity of buyer’s mind in the time of product need fulfillment & solutions with empathy in exchange of money centered with love, trust, influence which are core to social leadership.

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