The Passion from the childhood to the fulfillment of the carrier mission & goals

This is the matter of fact that we actually have got to get the passion to achieve our life goals which are dormant in our childhood that lead us in our whole of life. Such as I personally was enthusiastic a lots in my childhood to get my desired things, I used to make my parents in a hassle & bustle to fulfill my desired dream & demand of things. I used to ask them to give me, because I personally want it. In the passage of time, sometimes I used to feel alone as because no one was there to cope with, in consonant with my feelings & passion. I was alone because they are not enough enthusiastic and passionate so as to cope with those enthusiasms & passions which may have been materialistic or abstract or ideological. I can see that same shadow of the passion & enthusiasm genetically in my child in the identical manner. So I respect it to flourish it in my children as because what I have been doing in my entire life such as my family life, career life, social life, religious life, etc. are the form of the passion & enthusiasm which I have acquired in my childhood.

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