The retail merchandising & display and the role of sales Reps in the context of Bangladesh

The retail merchandising is said to be the in-store branding, the heaviest ways & means to get a groundbreaking & headway in the sales process & methodologies which can be termed as the last-man-runner of the rely-race, the most crucial man who is seemly determinant to the fate of the team. Yes, that one is called the retail merchandising & display in the perspective of sales in the context of Bangladesh. Indeed, the final outcomes come to a reality through the various ways & means of the policy, tricks, techniques & tactics of merchandising & display. We, in Bangladesh, generally means the terms of retail merchandising as the product display, the very vital for the off-take from shelve of the outlets. However, it is seer noticing that we have started the discussion of the topics of which have two working definitions in the broader senses namely retail merchandising, and another is the display that may come to a common definition as the in-store branding. If we consider the true sense & meaning of branding as a sales practitioner, it is not hard for a marketing practitioner to identify & discern the inner meaning of branding to the ultimate consequences of the in-store branding implied in the revolving in multiple & multiplied information nods & perspectives; on the other hand, the sales practitioner will define & discern it in his/her way of thinking which may have additional & distinct meaning & practice in cultural perspective as a non-practitioner of marketing discipline. The ultimate goal of the above-cited discussion is to concentrate to the focal points in the socio-cultural perspective of Bangladesh. The social & marketing research should go on focusing on the findings of the percentages of the sales volume in following categories of shopping malls, supper shop, showroom, grocery outlets, tong outlets, etc. which will determine & discern the role & practices of the retail merchandising & display in the total process & methodologies of the companies’ sales. It is very crucial not to let it to go without the consultative sales training courses, sessions & seminars for the entire sales force.

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