The perception & views of the power of story-telling in the sales training for the sales force effectiveness in the context of Bangladesh

The storytelling can spread the rapport of a effective sales person like a flash light in eyes & minds of the prospective buyers in the processes both on selling & the word of mouth advertisement to the conducive of sales in a nutshell. This way we can consider the concept that if you want to sell your products, you have to sell yourself first. So the storytelling will spread you with good name & fame in the wake of your product selling. In the context of Bangladesh, we the people both as the buyer & the seller like to pit against the bargain for the quality, durability, value & price, the perception of the buyer regarding the seller plays a vital role in the selling situations. That perception regarding the seller on the buyer’s mind can create a strong & consolidated shape by the means of the strong storytelling.

Once upon a time, the people of Bangladesh used to pass the leisure & recreation time by creating a strong storytelling circle over mid night, and that habit went on traditionally in every sphere of life. So we have inherited traditionally the habits of storytelling which can be well-matched in the strong building up of the buyer-seller trade-offs relations.

One of my course teacher on marketing research whose name is Mr. Abu Saleh had mentioned us in our MBA classes, Rajshahi University backed in 1998 that late Abdullah Faruk was only knowledge person in marketing research usually used to tell story to make comprehend easy for the students at Marketing Department of Dhaka University in his marketing research classes that was the role model for the history of storytelling of sales & marketing in Bangladesh.

So it’s inevitable to insert the method of storytelling in the course of sales training to well-equip the salesman regarding the storytelling skills so as to present the preplanned or extempore to-the-points, validated & fine-tuned, appealing & compelling to sales, finally easy-to-remind must be in congruent with sales at perfect sales situations which will lead & drive the big sales in favor of the company. In addition, we can tell that every add in tv, magazine, etc. or marketing events & so on must will have the span of life and the duration of appeal to compel the sales in favor of the company products. However, the good story of the seller in favor of the company products may be, the longer lasting it on prevailing selling situations over years or eras.

It’s very hard for a seller to keep & uphold the mind of silence to keep continuing the sales presentations which may be hours long to come to a end with fruitful sales efforts, and that situations you only as a seller can craft the perfect storytelling tools to win over the mind of buyers. The best you will expect from the buyer in your sales forces’ favor to the scope of the next sales interactions.

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