The happiness of the sales leader denotes the happiness & success of the sales team

The sales leader should handle the sales forces like the skin touch or touch pad in every aspects of verbal or nonverbal communications. To my mind, it is more complicated to converse or diverse the retina or pupil of mind to the focal points to be attending the matter of thoughts to be addressed the sales success. It’s the one point demand of the sales forces to be happy or not to be happy with the sales leaders. So change the spots or slides like the skin touch display boards to make the sales forces visualize their success stories much ahead of the launching periods of the sales situations.

However, it is the leader’s turn at the first place to be happy first. Otherwise it will conversely contaminate to the entire sales forces. The happiness of the sales leader means the complete & entire happiness in terms of the family & love life, social & religious life, ecological & physiological life; intricate & touchy mind & soul to live in—in all aspects are regulated & controlled by the sales leader him or her; most or many of the times these are beyond the control or unpredictable, however, should be stirred up in the right convulsion of mind or soul.

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