Leadership: Recognizing Your Pillars

Something To Prove


When is the last time you acknowledged how grateful – truly grateful – you were for the place you live in? It’s a very human tendency to start to take things for granted when we are exposed to something for so long or start to expect that those things be there for us, unable of conceptualizing what it might be like when those things are gone.

Shelter is part of the bottom tier of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a theory that would suggest that shelter is fundamental to our development as humans. Still, so many of us don’t have safe places to live and many of us take these places for granted.

Imagine your home – visualize it. For many of us, it is a sanctuary where we get to reenergize from life. Now, imagine one of your walls blew out. Suddenly, your life becomes a lot more uncomfortable. If…

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