Two Great Team Members – One Big Standoff

Dental Team Stream

conflict ostrich

Don’t be an ostrich!

You appreciate their individual contributions and work ethic, and see them both as equal assets to your practice.  But they have their personal conflicts and their behavior is beginning to affect the team, and is infiltrating your culture and environment.  What to do?

Working as closely as we do in the dental field, coupled with the fact that we, as caregivers, tend to be sensitive “pleasers” often proves to be a deadly combination when it comes to blending a “dental family”.

This isn’t a new challenge, but one that occurs quite often behind the walls of many dental practices to the confusion and dismay of many employers.  All too typically the “fix” for this situation is to treat it much like the elephant in the living room–hope no one else notices and the problem will just take care of itself.  In some cases it does, but…

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