5 Steps to Uncovering Your Prospect’s Pain

Sales Coach AZ

I often hear salespeople use some standard questions when trying to uncover a prospect’s pain.  These questions can sometimes infuriate a buyer and put up a wall that blocks their communication.  Questions like:

“What’s your biggest challenge?”  Or “What keeps you up at night?”

These are hackneyed questions and, as a client, it requires that I truly trust my salesperson before I would respond.  It’s especially difficult to get a prospect to share their pain during a cold call, but it’s vital to uncover your prospect’s problem in order to continue the conversation.

So, what is pain anyway?

Personally, I don’t like the term “pain”.  It’s too limiting.  People buy for many reasons.  Do you always have to have pain in order to buy?  Do you have to create pain in order to sell?

What’s the difference in buying a new Mercedes or buying a new water heater?  The motivators…

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