How to Not Struggle in Sales

Developing Your Sales Force

Changing for the good The way I see it, companies are spending more money on sales force evaluations, sales training, consulting, sales leadership development, sales process, infrastructure and sales recruiting services than 5 years ago.  Or they should.

Why?  Because selling has changed more in the past 5 years than ever before.

Why?  Because their salespeople who were once quite capable of succeeding using a traditional transactional approach, now struggle and even fail at increasingly higher levels.

Why?  Because they have to – or face going out of business.

Why is professional sales much more difficult?  Because:

  • The selling process demands a more consultative approach
  • Price has become an even bigger issue
  • The trend is to move outside salespeople to the inside
  • Prospects are much harder to connect with
  • Prospects want to talk to salespeople later in the process rather than earlier
  • Prospects are “armed” with much more information when they do connect
  • Prospects…

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