Sales Productivity w/Manual Dialers vs. Parallel/Agent Assisted Dialers

High Velocity Sales

In the past week, I’ve received dozens of inquiries from colleagues, prospective clients, and investors considering making an investment in “Sales Acceleration Technology” such as or ConnectAndSell.  They ask – “why are you still showing up as a reference customer for if you work for their biggest competitor – ConnectAndSell?


ANSWER: I will stand by the fact that the platform helped me to put in a process lead follow-up that increased call volumes by 2X.  To net out the improvement, when I took over the team at ON24, call volume for a Lead Gen Rep was 30 calls/day (unacceptable).  Over the course of a few quarters, by removing non-selling activities, the Lead Gen group improved call volume to 60+ calls/day.  What the quote below doesn’t show – it takes 22 dials to have a single b2b conversation.  So, these 60 – 100…

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