Sales strategy: why corporate decision makers agree to meetings

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Free Facebook Catalog What’s your go-to summary of why decision makers should make time for you in their schedule? If you don’t have a quick, compelling response to this question, chances are your value proposition needs work.

Why? Your sales strategy should demand the attention of your potential buyers and create a desire in them to meet with you to learn more. Jill Konrath, internationally recognized sales strategist says, “Corporate decision makers will nearly always meet with sellers who offer tangible outcomes and measurable results.”

Expanding on Jill’s advice, here are 3 areas of focus that can help you schedule more meetings with corporate decision makers:

Sales strategy #1: Know your audience 

Today’s decision makers are busy and they want to be certain that spending time with you will be informative and worthwhile. Delivering a strong, personalized value proposition will let executives know you’ve given serious thought to how your product or service might help…

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