Saying “NO” to a Promotion….are you nuts?!

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In the current “LIFE” as it stands to either have or obtain a job is a true blessing (haha!!)….let’s just set that stage at the beginning! Saying “NO” when you’re offered a promotion these days you have to be either crazy or…..crazy smart. To be chosen for advancement is an honor and should be received as that whether you accept a promotion or not, however, there’s a bigger issue here and one I’d like to examine further.

In corporate America the #1 objective and you hear this incessantly “Climbing the Corporate Latter”…and if need be QUICKLY. As a matter of fact if you were to review career development plans from those companies that believe in them (and some do not), I guarantee you most of the nomenclature will consist of “My Next Move”, “My Next Position”, “My objective is to be promoted too…”. Now let’s be clear, there is absolutely…

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