The One Thing That Will Increase Sales Closing Rates

High Tech Business Growth

graph-going-upMove to the 95% Close Rate

In my independent, unscientific, but somewhat accurate assessments – sales people in the high-tech industry are closing about 20% of their proposals…how frustrating.  The time from initial call to proposal could be measured in months, many trips across town – or even long distance travel. And then there’s the writing.  By the time you get to proposing, you really want to close.

One Secret Stands Above the Rest…

Well, actually there are many factors, and nothing is guaranteed.  But there are some steps and then there is one major secret that I’ve found – that will make the big leap from hoping to confident.  Here are a few tips:

  • The deal is sold long before the proposal is written in my opinion.  If you’re writing, thinking to yourself, this might not close…big mistake.  Insist on talking to the people making the decision before going…

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