If Your Lips Are Moving You’ve Already Lost The Sale

Leonard Scales: Sales Reminder

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Too Much Talking?

Several sales training systems advise salespeople to speak much less than is typical during their sales calls. They advise  salespeople to speak no more than about 30% of the time during these calls. Speaking more than 30% of the time could mean the sale is put in jeopardy or lost.

Why is it then some salespeople, and the teams they put together to support sales presentations, speak 90-95+% of the time when they’re with prospective clients? The answer isn’t that difficult to understand. Here are a couple of possibilities for this talkative behavior – “if I’m talking, the prospects can’t possibly  say that dreaded word I don’t want to hear -NO”. Another possibility is, “if I keep talking I’ll discover something that sticks and go from there”. Or perhaps, “if I keep talking I’ll convince the prospect I’m their best choice over any of my competitors.”

No one likes rejection and salespeople are certainly no…

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