SALES MASTERY: Fundamentals

Vinesh Maharaj: Your coach and partner in success

If you’re not making your sales target you need to be asking why?  Where is the gaps in your sales dynamo?

There are 3 fundamentals I wish to share with you sales professionals today.  We get so busy with activity that we easily miss the fundamentals.

The first is PLANNING.  Whats a business (or a sale) without a strategy to target your market?  WHO, WHERE WHEN, HOW & WHY are like your five fingers.  Without them, you cant hold onto anything.  You certainly cant hold onto a sale or a client.  Without them you cannot SELL.  They are like ingredients to a great dinner party.

Prepare meticulously! Start with market segmentation.  Which part of the market are you catering to?  Be crystal clear about who your client is.  Know everything you need to about your clients.  Where do they hang out?  In malls, online or at…

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