Why Production is more Predictable than Sales?

Advance Selling Skills Academy

Have you ever seen a production line or an assembly line? It starts with the raw material, and then the Raw material goes through various stages. At each stage it has its own input and its own output. There is quality verification at each stage of the output and each stage of the input. Atypical manufacturing Process could be a combination of processes with various sub processes, something like…

Process 1->Process 2-> Process 3->Final Process

Processs 1 = Subprocess 1+ Sub process 2+ Sub process 3 and so on, each Process will have sub processes.

If the Input unit does not confirm to the quality standards, it is chucked out of the system. Only those input units which are as per the quality standards are processed, others are rejected. If such input units which are not as per the quality standards are allowed to be processed, then end product will…

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