About Dreams — the Puzzle of the Zabra lost in the desert


8577933988_3d3026a812_z CC Share, Some rights reserved by kingjn (Flickr)

A running zabra (named Zara) was lost in the desert:

“Imagine that you are the little zebra, like all other zebras, running for days and nights in the desert. All the zebras believe that as far as you keep running straightforward, you will find the Greenland one day. They also believe that the Greenland will be the paradise, where you will have abundant food, with no need to be fighting against hunger anymore.

However, at the bottom of your heart, you have always been dreaming of the Ocean. Even though you cannot pin down clearly the image of the Ocean, you know that it is your dream, your passion, and your stimulus to live. However, among your fellow zebras, no one has ever seen the Ocean, and no one knows the path towards the Ocean.

In order to survive, you have to…

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