Fighting Moves

Crazy Tuesdays

The loudest part of my day is always between the hours of 4 and 6 a.m. It starts with my alarm screaming at me that it’s time to get up and start. It continues with the voices in my head telling me to just go back to sleep. Then my body curses at me for 90 minutes while I workout. And it is in these morning hours when the kids are still sleeping (ideally) and when I am focused that God always seems to speak to me the loudest.

Last week his voice was intimidating and motivating as his truth came out of the mouth of a sweaty Jillian Michaels, barking commands at me from a Tae Bo exercise DVD.


I was having a slow and lazy workout. My squats consisted of me slightly bending my knees, my kicks didn’t even go as high as Minka’s knees, and my punches…

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