letter to myself & those who need it.

Beautiful World


Dear self,

Find what ignites fire within your soul – the pits of your stomach – & go with it.

Don’t lose it. When you find yourself lost, unsure if the ground beneath your feet is solid or if it will even catch you –

When you’re upon your knees in desperation, hold on to that which you love.

Bring yourself back to reality – not the reality society has deemed as important, for that isn’t truth.

Bring yourself back to your own personal reality where your inner self flourishes and your heart is whole.

You are a fighter, a dreamer & a lover and you are worth everything you are striving for.

You are young with the soul of someone who’s knowledge expands that confined box, most commonly entitled “education”.

You are not a commodity for others.

Take back that which those in power could never actually take away…

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