The Importance of Setting Benchmark Goals

From Doughnuts To Dumbbells

I’m sure I come off like I have it pretty together most of the time when it comes to my fitness and progress toward my goals. My clients will hear me talk about how things are going, and feel like I’m always on track and don’t have much of a struggle staying committed. However… I’m human… and have hard days just like everyone else.

This past week I had a rough few days, was feeling like my progress was coming a little slow (even if I’m right on track) and got a little lost in the enormity of my goal. When I think about competing in a fitness show, and where my physique needs to be at to get there, it seems like a massive goal. It seems often unreachable, impossible, completely out of my grasp. I’ll have days when I’ll look in the mirror and think that I’ll never…

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