The Power of Vision -Part 2

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Dreams vs. Vision

Most people dream but a dream without faith is simply a fantasy.  There is nothing wrong with dreaming, in fact all vision is drawn from the well of dreams.  We are to regularly dream with God, this is the hope factor (Heb. 11:1), in the process of dreaming with God through prayer and giving God access to the dream that the leader holds in his heart, the Lord “speaks” and begins to impart faith to the parts of the dream that reflect God’s plan for the leader and the local church, this now becomes the faith factor (Heb. 11:1).   This faith makes the vision seem real and attainable, faith gives substance to things that were at one time just a hope or a dream.  Without the element of faith dreams remain the creation of the human mind – a fantasy.  The senior leader is not the creator…

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