Why failure is Michael Jordan’s greatest asset

Jeremy R. eACKLES

I believe that Michael Jordan is the greatest icon, in any sport, to ever live. I admire everything he stands for when it comes to greatness, perseverance and hard-work. Michael Jordan the player, Michael Jordan the brand, and Michael Jordan the name became an iconic figure to look up to on a global scale. He took what he loved- the game of basketball- and turned it into his passion and life. The passion is what prevailed him to become the legend that he is today. But the road to greatness wasn’t a smooth ride for MJ, he went through some pain.

Michael Jordan’s ” Failure” Nike ad.

I love this quote: On the other side of pain is success. No pain anyone goes through is permanent. The tribulations that Michael Jordan went through is the primary reason why he became the greatest. He knew that if he worked through…

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