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In today’s reading we meet for the first time in Scripture a man named Nicodemus. He came to Jesus, so he said, because he had seen the miraculous signs that Jesus was doing, and had come to the conclusion that Jesus was a teacher who had come from God.

 We don’t really know WHY he came to Jesus. What was he intending to say to Jesus or ask Jesus about? We don’t know, because before he can ask Jesus anything, Jesus tells Nicodemus what he needs to know. He is very forthright and very clear.

But before we investigate what Jesus was saying, let’s not miss a crucial piece of information – Nicodemus came to Jesus at night (v.2). Now why would he do that? Verse 1 tells us the reason: He was a Pharisee and a member of the Jewish ruling council.

Nicodemus was facing a crisis…

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