You only know how strong you are…

Along The Way - G.L.Smith

Overhearing a conversation on the train not so long ago really got my mind ticking. “It’s so silly that I leave my work to last minute…” and so they went on. It was interesting to pick up on the fact that is so true and common among many. We do, as part of human nature, tend to leave things to last minute. The funny thing is, is that we procrastinate for so long and put it off what is really important, and just enjoy our time as a way of distracting us. Prioritising our agenda is necessary for all of us, and knowing when the time and place permits for action .

I get it all time: I will be under pressure knowing I have multiple different university pieces of work to do, but I worry about starting. Once you start it’s normally quite easy to continue, but it’s that…

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