Action Plans for Driving Metrics



Most organizations have more than one metric or KPI that drives their business and contributes to overall profitability.  As sales managers, it is our duty to ensure that we have a team of well-rounded sales representatives that achieve high marks in each, but doing so can be a challenging task.  So how, exactly, do you get a team member, or multiple team members, to step up their performance on specific metrics that are falling a little behind?  Ideally, we can just ask them to focus.  If we ask repeatedly, however, and there continues to be a lack of results, the alternative option is action planning, and this is how you do it.

Step 1:  Define Goals

How do you measure the metric your team members are falling short on?  What is the goal for this metric?  What is considered successful?  Write this measurement down.

Step 2:  Determine behaviors that lead…

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