Alternative Solutions: Moving toward a people and place-based approach

Rethink the Block

Given the all of the problems that our capitalist system has given us, moving beyond our current structure is not so simple. As the socialist revolutions of the early twentieth century have taught us, any formal structure that is imposed upon society by over-bearing leaders is going to be doomed to fail, and any form of revolution, no matter the intention will always result in an imposed structure. The solution then comes in the form of malleability. As we will see in the coming sections, power is not about being authoritative, but rather comes from the ability to influence, or to challenge. Thus, a movement from the bottom-up seems like a reasonable approach. However, a true democracy requires the consensus of all citizens, and therefore the top-bottom duality becomes unacceptable, as no one can ever be at the top. Bookchin, in Urbanization without Cities discusses this duality of power, which:

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