Self-Reject or Self-Respect Self-Reject or Self-Respect

Has anyone ever hated himself more in modern literature than Dr. Jekyll.  Tormented by violent desire, lust, and ambition mixed with love, kindness and “quiet desperation”; his inner turmoil served as the perfect “womb” for evil Mr. Hyde. “Inner conflict” often creates great art, but little peace of mind.

Self-loathing isn’t just a subject for novels, it’s also a real-life struggle for every human being.   For many people, self-loathing falls down around their mental and emotional shoulders like a wet, heavy, cold cloak, slowing them down and freezing their otherwise warm heart. This is Self-Reject: the unfortunate state of rejecting who we are. Psychologists call it Self-Hatred.

But something stronger calls to us from out of the depths of our being, pleading with us to love ourselves more than we do. It’s God-given. It’s Self-Respect: that happy state of accepting who we are…

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