Is building rapport in a sales process important

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We’ve been taught as sales people the value of building rapport to create connection, trust and eventually a long term working relationship between seller and buyer. I however don’t agree. Building rapport resembles supplicating and supplicating means low power status. If you been following my philosophy on sales the first thing that you as a seller must do is to gain power so that you are in important person to be listened to.

So what do you do instead of building rapport? I show my credibility, importance and uniqueness. Instead of “ how’s  your weekend?” I will say “Look guys I got only 20 minutes so let’s get started because after this I go more important clients to see”. BOOM!

You showed them how valuable you time is and your professionalism. You are not being “nice” if you be nice you show your neediness. Being needy means desperate for their…

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