The Top 3 Most Costly Sales Mistakes

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Avoid the most costly sales mistakes.As a consultant who has worked with over 60 companies in the last 6 years (and run businesses for 15 years prior to that), spotting (and ultimately fixing) the holes in sales organizations is a predictable process. Business is all about patterns. And when you have a process to detect existing patterns, mold those patterns into best practice, and inspire the sales teams to take appropriate well managed actions, you create a winning and profitable sales growth model. 

Remember, as a business, you are getting the exact results your design calls for. In other words, the patterns you run over and over (called habits) create your results, like them or not. You want different results? Change the design/patterns of how you run your sales teams.

Where do you start? You must first understand where you are before you can get where you want to go. Begin with an in-depth audit…

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