Thriving in a World in Motion

Cultivating Leadership

balance on globe I promise this will not be another cliché blog about how we need to embrace change. By 2014, we all know that change is a constant and that our workplaces are no longer the stable, slow changing places of yesteryear. How we survive and thrive in a world of constant motion has more to do with mental house cleaning than learning something new. Staying balanced when the ground keeps shifting has more to do with beliefs than the physical stamina required to keep yourself upright.

Do you think that change motivates and challenges?  Imagine a workplace where everything remained consistent, even and invariable. A place where the processes, systems and structures were perfect and no adjustments were ever necessary. All the people were in the perfect roles and were content to stay put. If this sounds like stagnation, you’d be right. Change keeps us curious and stimulates our minds. It…

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