Using a metaphor to improve understanding…


Using metaphors is a great way to get kids thinking more abstractly. I posed this question to the class last week:



The initial responses were slow to come out but as more students contributed they seemed to quickly grasp the idea I was intending.

Here are their ideas:

  • steady
  • secure (after asking for some elaboration … being safe)
  • working together / teamwork (everyone as a team)
  • contributing equally (everyone doing their share)
  • towards a destination (we discussed what our destination is as a learning community)
  • participating (joining in)
  • perseverance (keeping going even if you have had enough, finding it hard)
  • chief directs (we discussed that the teacher does not always have to be the director.. that students can be sometimes too)
  • supporting each other (encouraging our peers with their learning and efforts)

After the second week we continue to foster a supportive…

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