We need a runway for take-off and landing

The Practice of Productivity

24_Approach I was on my yoga mat, in class, recently and had the following image;  the mat is like a little runway.  The practice we engage in, any practice, is both a jumping off spot and a place we land.  It launches us on our way and it is our safe harbor of return.

So what practices do we engage in that are ones that assist us in getting going and in returning.  My practice of productivity is a launch pad to success, accomplishment and action and it is also a safety zone of stress reducing organization and a repository of completion and acknowledgment.  My practice of health is a springboard to energetic engagement in the world and also a microcosm of peace and balance in my life.

When we are on our runway we are poised, in every essence.

What are your practices of approach and take off that bring you more…

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