Can we speak about the end of Brand Loyalty?


I once believed in brand loyalty but nowadays and most of all the day I realised  Apple starts falling apart, I knew market changes. Technology evolves both  market needs and customers loyalty rules. We don’t care so much about logos, we  care about what any of these brands can  offer either to price or product.

Both of these two criterias make the rules. Customers can not be foolished by  colors and spectacular commercials. They have understand how market moves and most of all now with Social Media Revolusion they know their power and how they affect any company more than the company (brand) can affect them.

Actually, most marketers believe that the Internet is a fabulous tool for building strong brands. However, according to a fascinating article in The New Yorker recently, the Internet may be making brands irrelevant.

To understand why this is true, one must first understand why 

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