Orange: ‘We have too many customers’

Balls Not Bollocks

Fabulous Bollocks I heard from not one but two separate telesales operators this week at Orange!

I asked them why, after being a customer for 2 years, they didn’t call me to ask if I wanted to renew my contract with them.

Their reply to this question:

  • Operator 1: we have over 20 million customers: we can’t possibly speak with them all
  • Operator 2: we have over 1 million people out of contract at any one time: we can’t possibly speak to them all

Joyous joy of joys: I will have to make sure I record them when I next speak to them! Of course, I’d suggest the truth is: they wanted the contract just to carry on, so they could make huge profits without having to upgrade me, or even speak to me (heaven forbid!)

And when I tried to phone their Exeter store (twice) … the phone rang out…

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