Tessa Hood at Changing Gear


  1. Do you ever consider personal brand development of your people as a strategy for your business?
  2. Does your company have a ‘great people’ brand? I.e. customers love and recommend you and your people want to be part of your ‘story’.
  3. How do you align your company’s personal brand with your corporate brand – are they leveraging each other?
  4. How much does it matter to you if the people in your business are liked by your clients?
  5. Are your people loose cannons when they’re out of your sight and influence?
  6.  How do you control the perception of your staff by your market place?
  7.  You’re the MD.  How important is it to you that your people are liked by your clients?
  8.  If you own your own company, are you proud of your employees? Are they representing   your business the way you would?
  9.  Do you ever have…

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