The X Model of Employee Engagement

Global Strategy Tribe (beta)

There are words in management that appear from time to time that most people tend to agree with and many times pursue. Concepts such as: customer loyalty, strategic alignment, value-added, process redesign, innovation and Employee Engagement, are considered “no brainers” that appear in most organizations’ strategies. However, many times when you dig deeper and ask people what those concepts mean to them, you hear all kinds of different definitions. This means that in theory people “agree” with the headline, “Customer Loyalty” for example, but not what it means in practical terms nor how to go about to actually obtain it!

This is the case with Employee Engagement. Everyone wants it, but no one can really describe it in an objective manner. This video contributes exactly in that way, in helping define in specific terms what  Employee Engagementreally means!

Now that you have a clear definition, you are ready to…

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