Trying To Build A Better Brand? It’s All About People

Talent Matters

Brand building is all the rage these days. Perhaps that’s not as big a surprise as one might think. After all, a growing glut of look-alike products and sbrand buildingervices is making it increasingly difficult for organizations to differentiate themselves to customers and employees alike.

The hope seems to be that a powerful brand can somehow cut through the noise of the marketplace, heighten awareness of our products and services, and shift demand in our favor.

Unfortunately, too many businesses are finding it hard to deliver on their brand promise and the consequences of not being able to do so are easy to see at various points of contact between the customer and the organization.

These are the so-called ‘moments of truth’ that can enhance or erode a brand, heighten or undermine customer loyalty and generally impact on business outcomes for better or for worse.

In recognition of the dangers…

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