A “Train the Trainer” Tip: Start Your Sessions With a Bang

Guila Muir and Associates

A “Train the Trainer” Tip: Start Your Sessions With a Bang


istock_000009305487xsmall3by Guila Muir

What’s the best way to assure your train­ing par­tic­i­pants groan inwardly and “turn off” when you first open your mouth? Sim­ply by doing what you’ve always been told: By intro­duc­ing your­self and pro­vid­ing your credentials.

Why not gen­er­ate your audience’s curios­ity, inter­est, and invest­ment from the out­set? Use a “Hook” before intro­duc­ing your­self or your pro­fes­sional cre­den­tials. If your hook is well-crafted, you will have already gained cred­i­bil­ity when you do intro­duce your­self. The par­tic­i­pants will be much more open to hear­ing your message.

What is a Hook?
First, what a hook is NOT:

  • An extended exer­cise or activity
  • An irrel­e­vant joke
  • An apol­ogy of any kind
  • A mean­der­ing, “off-the-cuff” mum­ble meant to make YOU more com­fort­able in front of the class.

A Hook is a short, care­fully crafted state­ment that indi­cates…

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