Adult Learning Principles: A Quick Refresher


If I were keeping score, I’d say I’ve had at least 3 conversations this week about adult learning principles. If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you might remember a post about how I migrated to the adult learning world from teaching kids. Over the years, I’ve learned that quite a few of us didn’t start our careers here. In fact, this awesome post from my friends over at Learning Rebels is precisely about that.

On the drive to work this morning, this was further confirmed as I was listening to a morning radio show. The topic was, “Who is in a career that is completely different from what you grew up wanting to be?”

I was intrigued, so I paid attention as listeners called in. I could relate; after all, how many of us grew up with dreams of being a “L&D Professional” when we were little? Teacher, maybe…but “Corporate Trainer?” “Instructional Designer?”…

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