Multiple Intelligences = Multiple Options


Howard Gardner became fascinated with psychology and it changed is course of study, eventually leading him to identify what he calls the seven “intelligences” of the human brain:
  1. 7-IntelligencesLinguistic intelligence (sensitivity to and aptitude for written and spoken language)
  2. Logical-mathematical intelligence (analytics, logic, mathematics, scientific investigation)
  3. Musical intelligence (skills associated with musical patterns)
  4. Body-kinesthetic intelligence (use of the body to solve problems or create products)
  5. Spatial intelligence (recognition and manipulation of space)
  6. Interpersonal intelligence (ability to understand motivations and intentions of others)
  7. Intrapersonal intelligence (ability to understand oneself)

Gardner also made a strong point that all intelligences are amoral and available to everyone. Each individual can access these intelligences based on our own inherent inclination or the cultural influence that surrounds us.

As an instructor or trainer of adults, I think it’s important to recognize that these multiple intelligences exist in all adult learners. Linguistic and logical-mathematical (aka reading, writing…

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