Parallel between Teenage and Adult Learning in the Classroom

International. Multicultural. Translation.

This past week an article that was given to us in the Methods of Teaching English Language Learners course was Getting Teens to Really Work in Class by Patricia Lauria de Gentile and Ana Maria Leiguarda de Orue. Additionally, I observed an adult English classroom in the northern Virginia area. What struck me to be interesting about this observation was how much the article came up in this particular instructor’s methods with his adult students.

The four suggestions for getting teens to be attentive in the classroom was to fill their need for play and social interaction, mental stimulation in the activities, kinesthetic learning, and the ability to learn in a stress-reduced environment. This adult English classroom was electric with their interest to learn, and I attributed that to the relaxed nature of the teacher and the classroom in general. The students achieved their social interaction through occasional side conversations which…

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