The Brain is a Rainforest


The human brain is a mysterious thing because it’s so powerful, detailed, and well, mysterious. It functions on its own, coding and decoding thousands of instructions for the rest of the body, and processing information unbeknownst to our consciousness. Many people think of the brain as a machine or a super computer. Mark Reardon, in his Adult Learning article, thinks otherwise. He says.

We now know that the brain, in addition to having hemispheric specialization and three organized structures, interacts more like a rainforest than a computer. It forms a symbiotic, interconnected network of associative relationships that some scientists say number 10 to the 800th power.

Brain is a Rainforest Photo credit: Edie Jarolim

I like this visual description of the brain being a rainforest because it accurately captures the vast network of neurons and creates an imagery of the brain being very fertile,  alive, and always growing. Plants and animals in the rainforest…

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