TRAINER’S JOURNAL: How Loving, Learning and Training are Similar

Business Trainer Sri Lanka

Let’s begin with love. Different people want to be loved in different ways.

How do you like to be shown love?

When I ask this question in my management or supervisory development workshops, participants laugh at first. But then it becomes clear they’ve never really given it any thought. Have you?

Do you want to hear your loved ones say ‘I love you’? Is hearing it said out loud important to you? Do you want to see it in writing? On a birthday card, for instance; or love notes hidden here and there? Would you be happy with an e-card? Some of my family members want to have a printed paper card for their birthday. Personally, I don’t need to have a card in my hand for that emotional connection. We are all different. Some people want to be shown love with a gesture or physical touch—a hug, a kiss, a…

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