User Instruction

Jessica Louise Neefe

When studying user instruction it is very important to consider the three main learning styles: physiological, cognitive, and affective.  These learning must all be considered when teaching certain users.  Considering everyone has their own way of learning and doing things, it is necessary for the instructor to see this and adjust their teaching technique accordingly in order to successfully engage students.

The Physiological learning style includes environmental conditions, how many breaks there are in the session, and the time of day the session is conducted.  I learn best in a classroom atmosphere, during the day, with no fluorescent lights, and do not care about getting a break.  SIS online night classes have been quite an adjustment for me because by 6:30 pm I am already drained from the day.  I am able to focus best between 10 am and 3 pm.

The Cognitive learning style refers to how people learn:…

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