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Boost Your Body Language With Presentation Training

Originally posted on Bold New Directions Training Blog:
Body Language is an important messenger to your audience when giving a presentation.? Ever wondered what your body says?? Make your message matter by considering three key elements of body language before…

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Road to Perfection

Originally posted on Nancy H. Doyle:
Ok. I admit it. I am annoyed with my first draft because I am a perfectionist. Probably caught the disease from my dad. Those of you who know me well know I am the…

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Here are 9 things that successful people do differently

Originally posted on Business Trainer Sri Lanka:
Why do some people succeed in life while others don’t? In 2011, based on extensive research, Heidi Grant Halvorson published an article, in the HBR Blog Network. The article,┬áNine Things Successful People Do…

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