Here are 9 things that successful people do differently

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Why do some people succeed in life while others don’t? In 2011, based on extensive research, Heidi Grant Halvorson published an article, in the HBR Blog Network.

The article, Nine Things Successful People Do Differently listed these traits. The article, backed by research on achievement made it clear that it was a person’s actions, rather than their characteristics that makes a person successful. In other words, you make your own success; its not handed to you at birth. ere are the 9 things that successful individuals do differently:

  • They are specific
  • They seize the moment to act on their goals
  • They check and know their progress on a regular basis
  • They remain realistic and optimistic
  • They focus on getting better (as opposed to being good)
  • They have grit
  • They have or develop strong will power
  • They don’t tempt fate
  • They focus on what they will do, rather than what they won’t (the negative)

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