Leaps and Bound….aries

There’s this feeling that comes over you. It rushes over you. When you realize that you have a single pair of hands. Just 2 feet. And 1 mouth. That there are only so many waking hours. That the week is made of just 7 little days.

And its not times fault. Oh no. I’m tired of time always getting the blame. Its not like Thursday wakes you up in the middle of the night and goes “Hey today I’m going to be 18hours long, so deal.”

Its that I’m realizing that I’m just one person. And that our hearts were never meant to be pulled in this many directions. And Its not selfish to slow down when we realize this big fat truth that our bodies and our hearts and minds, spread out this thin, hurts more souls than it helps.

I need boundaries. I always reserved boundaries to the…

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